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History of Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm

Hello and  Welcome to Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm.  My name is George P. Mantis, P stands for Praying.  I oversee the population of bugs on this wonderful  organic farm.  My other duties  include P.R.  So, anything you read here, is wrote, by ME!  Have To protect the innocent of course.
Mr. G calls this thing a web, but Charlie Cotton, (he is a spider) says this sure ain’t no web like he ever saw.  But then, who are we, we are just a couple of dumb bugs to most people.  But not to Mr. G and Ms. Carolyn, because  they KNOW that we are special.  So as you roam through this web, please enjoy your visit and you be sure and  come back for new products.

 Mr. G. and Mrs. Carolyn began this farm as a business in 1991.  Mr. G had spent over 25 years in the ups and downs of the airplane business, and he decided it was the right time to get a simpler way of life. For over 25 years it was, PLANES, PLANES, PLANES, now it’s, ORGANICS, ORGANICS, ORGANICS, but it seems that most people do need a passion for something.  Hey Even us bugs have a passion, it’s, EAT, EAT, EAT.

Well, anyway, he decided to leave a profession that was technical and got into one that was simpler.   Once he told me that  he really got out of the flying business because his boss with this Airline Company he worked for once told him, “ one of these days there will be a dog as the co-pilot in all of those big flying machines.” And Mr.G.asked him “why?”.  So  the dog could be trained to bite the pilots if they touched any of the controls  in the cockpit.  He said that airplanes  would be flying by computers, whatever that means, Well, I just flap my wings and then I am off, and that is a whole nother story.  Anyway, Mr. G had farmed a lot in his life, coming from a family of farmers and Mrs. Carolyn always did like cooking, baking and using herbs that she grew, so they decided to put their small 10 acres in East Texas to farm use and make a living from their land.  They first decided on an organic medical herb business.  That is growing plants in the greenhouse and in the field.  Well they decided to get their organic certification from the State of Texas, which took 3 years to acquire.
Because of Mr. G’s experience as one of those fly-boys he has this built in desire to know everything, so over the next 3 or 4 years he and Mrs. Carolyn went all over Texas to different organic and herb seminars and conventions, and boy you should see how many books they have on these topics.  Well after a while, Mr. G started seeing this organic movement in America from a different way in which it was being sold to humans.  Mr. G. would come home from one of those meetings and would have lots of work to catch up on in the greehnouse.  OH in case I didn’t tell you, my job as the overseer of bugs, gives me the privilege of guarding the doors of the greenhouses here on the farm.  So, when MR. G spends lots of time in the greenhouse, I’m usually there with him.  And I have to listen to him thinking about his trip.  For years I have listened to him putting these things together.  The first thing I listen to him put together was after coming home one time was  thinking about the difference in the State Certification in Texas versus California.  Texas has a transition period of 3 years whereas in California a 1 year period.  So Mr. G saw a difference in organic standards and products.  That’s why he likes to say, “whose compost, mine or yours?”. There is a big difference.  With this difference in mine, Mr. G realized that as a grower he had a choice in the final outcome of the nutrition of the herbs they grow.  He found that difference being in minerals and the Paramagnetic energy they create in the plant, which in turn is delivered to the body when taken.  As you read through theis web you will notice most all of it is about minerals in the soil and the electric energy they supply.  And you proably guessed by now, Mr. G.’s passion changed to MINERALS, MINERALS, MINERALS or maybe SOIL, SOIL, SOIL. Sometimes the signals I get from Mr. G. is confusing, but he is own the right track.  These minerals create energy that will determine the health of plants.  How do you think I am able to hear Mr. G. think?  It’s because us bugs have that ability!  Why do you think us bugs have antennas?  It’s to receive signals from other bugs and plants.  When a plant has a mineral deficiency it produces a singal that identifies it as being unhealthy.  You might say it’s nature’s way of protecting the species.
Mr. G.’s next passion was to discover which herb could act as a deliverer of these minerals to the human body.  After years of growing 100’s of different medical herbs, he found Wheatgrass to be the best. (sure it’s a herb)  So now his passion is WHEATGRASS, WHEATGRASS, WHEATGRASS.  So now Mr. G. and Mrs. Carolyn operate their certified organic farm in Texas with Wheatgrass being their number 1 crop.  Genesis Wheatgrass is now being sold in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and even to Tulsa, OK..
Feel comfortable you are helping all of us here at Dogwood Gardens in our crusade for a natural, holistic way of life that contributes to Mother Earth, which benefits us all.
Voyo con dios, amigos, and tell your friends. (and you thought I was a dumb bug.)
Thanks, George P.

P.S. by the way, most people call me Praying Mantis.  Well, Praying is my middle name.  I much prefer being called George P.


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