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We sell Genesis Wheatgrass Growing Supplies at

We sell Genesis Wheatgrass Growing Supplies at

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We sell Wheatgrass Juicers at

We sell Wheatgrass Juicers at

Find Genesis Wheatgrass at these stores near you.

Find Genesis Wheatgrass at these stores near you.

Hello Texas,

We grow Genesis Wheatgrass™ right here in East Texas and deliver Genesis Wheatgrass™ to the Dallas Texas area.    We have been growing and delivering over 300,000 trays of organic wheat grass since 1991.

Genesis Wheatgrass is the only Wheat grass grown in Texas that meets all these standards for high quality, nutritious Wheat Grass.

1.We have been growing organically since 1991
2.Grown under the sun.(true Liquid Sunshine, not Liquid  Lightbulb.)
3.Grown in high mineralized soil formulated for Wheatgrass

"if it's not in the soil, it's not in the Wheatgrass."

Genesis Wheatgrass  is grown in our own blend of highly mineralized organic soil. Wheatgrass has the ability to pick up nutrients from the soil and store them in the juice of the young leaves. If the nutrients are not in the soil, then the Wheatgrass cannot pick it up. Wheatgrass is considered a super-food that is a concentration of a high variety of minerals and vitamins, amino acids, also MSM and many powerful enzymes, transferring them directly into the bloodstream. Wheat Grass that is grown in mineralized soil contains most known mineral elements.
Wheatgrass is known for its  high levels of chlorophyll and its powerful detoxifying abilities.  All greens including Wheatgrass is alkaline, 7.0.

Energizing: Wheatgrass  full fills nutritional deficiencies and promotes removing the waste that clogs your cells, your blood, your tissues and your organs!

Promotes Your healthy circulation, the chlorophyll in Wheat Grass Juice
  has the ability to carry oxygen  as does hemoglobin.. Liquid Sunshine!

Enhances Your Immune System , because Wheatgrass has super nutrition it help strengthens the body and the immune system!

Detoxify Your liver and Your Bloodstream!
Wheatgrass is a green drink rich in chlorophyll, which has an alkalizing effect, neutralizing the acid wastes in the body.

Dr. Ann Wigmore says that Wheatgrass grown in mineralized soil is more potent than wheatgrass grown in poor soil, or hydroponically.

Dr. Ann Wigmore says that Wheatgrass grown in soil is a complete protein!

Genesis Wheatgrass is More Potent, Delivers More Power, and More Energy!

I would like to give a testimony about my use of Miss Carolyn's and Mr. G"s organic wheat grass. I was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer in 2006. Over the next 9 years I had several remissions and reoccurrence's. I was always a healthy eater and believer in the fact that God wants me well. I couldn't understand why the cancer kept coming back and why it was worse each time. In January 2015 I had again been stricken with a large new tumor in my stomach along with several on my liver. I was given a grim report from the Dr. which I chose not to believe. The Chemo they wanted to put me on had a high possibility of me losing my finger nails and toenails along with other horrific side effects. Through prayer and faith I refused the treatment and went on a journey to heal naturally. I got better then worse over the next 2 and half  years, but by June 2017 I was at an all time worse. I guess this is finally it crossed my mind, but  I knew we couldn't give up that faith in our hearts that God made these bodies to heal was the driving force still there. Soon my husband felt God leading him to get fresh Wheatgrass for me.  He found and met with Miss Carolyn and began juicing the fresh grass for me. I began to improve.( one week later) I went from not being able to do anything to being up running around going to the store and managing my duties at home. The cancer counts in my blood cut in half soon after which is a huge improvement. We are so Thankful for this amazing grass. I had been using a powder grass from another online source but it certainly did not help me like this fresh juice made at home has. We are so thankful                                            , Allie and Greg Probst Canton Texas

I deliver to juice bars and health food stores in Texas. 

 check the links below to find the retail locations in your area that sell Genesis Wheatgrass.™

And we are always looking for more. Juice Bars and Health Food Stores can call to see if they are within our delivery route and can meet our minimums.
You can call us Dogwood Gardens Organic Farm:
903 833 1024

We now cut and bag Wheatgrass to sell directly to the consumer who would be in our overnight delivery area. 

Call us for prices and see if you live in the overnight area.

903 833 1024

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